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Order a one off pair of Amy Mid in a selection of 3 different colours of suede, forest green, blush, and midnight, the shoes will be custom made especially for you, we aim to deliver the shoes in 10-12 weeks, after confirmation. You can also choose from the 8 embellishments, Blossom Small Gold, Blossom Small Silver, Blossom Small Rose Gold, Blossom Gold, Blossom Silver, Blossom Rose Gold, Pink Cherry and Gold Cherry, each pair will be hand finished in London.

In advance of making your special one off pair of shoes we will send a pair of Amy Mid for you to check the size and style, we will also send a swatch of the suede and an embellishment for you. The price includes the return shipping for these shoes and the shipping to send your finished pair. We will make your shoes when you have confirmed the size.

  • Heel height: 8cm, 3 inches
  • Platform: 1cm, approx under half an inch
  • Upper
  • Lining: Pink kid leather, with a comfortable fully padded sock under the foot
  • Sole: Natural leather