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This Heel pair is handmade and is the perfect gift for women to attend certain events. We made these High-heeled shoes using first-class leather to ensure the high quality of these shoes that you will want to be with in daily life. This pair of pumps is durable, long lasting, high quality, lightweight and full mold to standard foot sizes.

Our products are produced in a 100% vegan manner with sustainable materials that respect nature and wildlife. You can get an attractive, stylish, gorgeous, modern and trendy look by wearing these shoes. It is very comfortable and skin-friendly. Thanks to their special padded soles, you can wear these shoes all day or night.

☛ Product Name: High Tonia Heels
☛ Product Type: Handmade
☛ Product Material: Satin
☛ Pattern: Slingback
☛ Color: Green
☛ Made to Order (MTO): Yes
☛ Cleanable and Reusable: Yes
☛ Comfortable to Wear: Yes
☛ Approximate Heel Height: 3.15 inches / 8 cm
☛ Base Material: Neolite Jurdan Base
☛ Pad Insole: Yes
☛ Purpose: Casual and Special Events
☛ SIZES: We are using European sizing for all our footwear. For a more accurate sizing, you may measure your foot using the suggested method. (Please use a PHYSICAL RULER when measuring, phone apps often measure inaccurately.)

★ Your foot size may vary depending on your foot shape and width. If your feet is "NARROW", choose smaller one size. If you are unsure of your size, please consult us. We love to help you choose the right size.