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The combination of nude satin with rose gold mirror details has the ability to shape every skin tone. From light skin that creates an elongated leg effect, to darker skin where metallic details will highlight your natural skin tone.

What makes them special:

Thanks to its satin fabric and nude tone, it is ideal for those looking for special shoes for every event. With our new Greta pattern, which reinterprets the lines and cuts of classic models and adapts them to a more current, ergonomic and connected vision.

was designed.


Greta elegantly transforms our characteristic slit heel, along with an embellishment featuring two slits at the top that elegantly and elegantly reveal the birth of the toes.

We continue with our new 8.5cm retro heel, which opts for a more curved silhouette that provides dynamism and style. Comfort and elegance in the same design.


For added support, the Greta Nude features a crossover strap across the top, complementing the design with a rectangular buckle with authentic Swarovski crystals.