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Birthday Baby Boy Prince costume

This outfit is designed for handsome little gentlemen. This will have your little boy dressed in a way that will make him look special on many occasions - well done and so cute on! Custom colors are accepted. Message me. Important: Precaution is necessary. If this is not possible, the customer should choose the standard size worn by the child.

Prince Charming in royal azure. The trousers are made of sky blue suit fabric and have gold trim that extends to the hem of the trousers. The upper part is red and handmade lace. Crowns are included.
Custom colors are accepted. Just message me.




Size is requested. If this is not possible, the customer should choose the standard size the child is wearing.

Required dimensions:

A: Length from shoulder to knee
B: The widest part of the chest
C: Waist or belly circumference
D: Sleeve (from shoulder to hand if the dress will have sleeves)
E: Shoulder to hip (from neck to navel bottom)
F: Full height from head to toe
from shoulder to waist
Waist to toe/knee (how long will the skirt be)

We devote time to crafts and put a lot of love so that every baby boy feels like a prince when he wears it.
We promise that our design will make your child happier than ever before.

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Different models different prices!


All dresses are handmade.
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