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BOLDNESS WITH THE FEMAINNESS AND HEIGHT OF OUR 13 CM WIDE HEEL PLATFORM SANDALS SHANTAL Make them your accomplices in your next adventure. Our Shantal knows how to play with the delicacy of monochrome and the exclusivity of a very tall, plump persona who remains comfortable thanks to her platform. Innovation? The most striking version of our new Reverspective style heel. And thanks to our 3 cm platform, with a 10 cm slope and a total of 13 cm heel; These become our ultimate design and break all the schemes to elevate your outfit and enhance your style. A versatile heel that is thin when viewed from the back and wide from the sides. This way, you'll have the best of both worlds with a comfortable and stylish design at the same time. If risk is your thing, without losing your grace and keeping your feet on the ground, Shantal will be your best friend. What makes them special: Versatility stands out in this model because with its fabric, straps and rose gold heel, it will be very easy to combine the monochrome style with any outfit in your closet. You will walk with safe and firm steps thanks to the wide platform that balances the height of the sandals. Its special heel offers you the comfort of a wide heel and the elegance of a thin heel. Our Shantals are so versatile that they can accompany everything from a cool look with jeans and a jacket during the day to an evening dress. Or why not, a gorgeous wedding dress for that special day. Rose gold color allows you to play with bright or neutral tones and use them as much as you want. And yes, although they are very high, the heel and tight design at the front will help keep your feet safe and supported, so you can walk comfortably and worry-free.