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Jany Green Velvet Bridal Shoes

Turn heads and elevate your look to fierce new levels with these timelessly designed heels from Simmiunique. The modern yet timeless design will ensure you're the centre of attention at that next special event you have coming up. Through tireless production and meticulous research we’ve developed the perfect green velvet shoes to make you the gem of every event.

☛ Handmade
☛ Velvet
☛ Pattern: Criss Cross
☛ Color: Dark Green
☛ Made to Order (MTO): Yes
☛ Cleanable and Reusable: Yes
☛ Comfortable to Wear: Yes
☛ Approximate Heel Height: 3.5 inches / 9 cm
☛ Base Material: Neolite Jurdan Base
☛ Pad Insole: Yes
☛ Purpose: Casual and Special Events
☛ Please Contact Us for Further Information and Any